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Foreclosure Update presents its auction listings in a specific format. This format as listed in the middle column has abbreviations and codes which require some explanation.  Please review the definiton of each term to gain the most complete information.

#Bx415 BL/LT IND# This refers first to the county code (Bx for Bronx) and to the scope of the lien (BL for building and LT for lot) and to the number assigned by the court to the action.  It is the legal designation for the lien and should be referenced in all correspondence.

#Bx415 BL/LT: 3556/408 IND.#: 26403/98

ADDR: 611 St. Lawrence Avenue, Bronx, NY 10473

Address: refers to the address of the property upon which the lien has been placed.  Please attend to the precise reference.
Desc is meant to serve as a general description of the property. Do not depend on it to be complete or precise. DESC: 3 family walkup apartment

LT/BALDING: 58x60 / 20x34
Lt/Balding gives the dimensions in feet of the lot first and then the building, if any, on it. 
PLANT names the organization or individual foreclosing on the lien.  There may, in fact, be other liens beyond the one listed. PLNTF: Bank of New York

PLNTF ATTY: Donald Lischer 716-853-0543
Brisbane Bldg., 403 Main St., #225, Buffalo, NY 14203
PLNTF ATTY: is the attorney representing the person or organization foreclosing on the lien.  It is this person who can provide additional information concerning the property.
DEF: The name of the defendant listed on the lien papers.  This 
Hector Santiago

REF: Ben Barato

The referee is the court appointed overseer of the auction itself and is the best source of information about the sale itself.  
SALE: Lists the date and time scheduled for the sale.  The place is defined elsewhere for each county.   SALE: June 7, 2001 9:30 a.m.


Lien: Since there may be other liens existing against the propety, this lien amount may not represent the total to be liquidated via the sale.