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Books - the accumulated wisdom of the ages.. well, at least one person's point of view. In any event, there are several good books on the market concerning the purchase of foreclosed properties, and you may find some excellent advice and information among them.

Order This Book Now Big Money in Real Estate Foreclosures
Ted Thomas / Paperback - 275pp/ Date Published: October 1991

Written by an acknowledged expert in foreclosure profits. Easily understood guidelines explain how to find and purchase distressed properties including listings for foreclosures such as The Resolution Trust Corporation, Sheriff's sales, IRS seizures, etc. Also covers effective use of direct mail; how to advertise to attract buyers; pitfalls to avoid and more. Actual examples of successful distressed properties' purchases are not only insightful but extremely helpful as well.


Order This Book Now How to by Real Estate for at Least 20 Percent below Market Value
John T. Reed / Paperback - 280pp / Date Published: September 1996

This insider's guide to real estate deals shows readers how to make a profit the day they buy a property. Securing property coups requires diligent research, skilled negotiation, and solid commitment--but if one follows the 30 techniques described in this book such work can yield amazing success. 10 charts.


Order This Book Now Goldmining in Foreclosure Properties
George Achenbach / Paperback - 228pp / Date Published: July 1994

Shows how investors and first-time buyers can benefit from the foreclosure process. Contains a system for locating and acquiring potential properties as well as forms and checklists to guide the investor through every phase of the foreclosure process. Offers practical techniques and strategies that enable buyers to pay off the loan, save the homeowner's credit and get the property at a bargain price to either live in, lease or resell.



Order This Book Now Buying Real Estate Foreclosures
Melissa S. Kollen / Paperback - 224pp / Date Published: September 1991

Increasing numbers of homeowners nationwide are defaulting on their mortgages and forfeiting their property. As a result, as much as $4 billion in residential real estate will be sold at auction this year. Buying Real Estate shows readers how to find and fianance real estate bargains from banks, S&Ls, public auctions, government agencies, and many more sources. Contains worksheets, checklists, and contact directories.


Order This Book Now How to Pick up Foreclosures
Wade B. Cook / Paperback - 130pp / Date Published: August 1996





The Smart Money Guide to Bargain Homes: How to Find & Buy Foreclosures
James I. Wiedemer / Paperback - 232pp / Date Published: January 1994

Written by a foreclosure lawyer and broker with years of first-hand experience, this book is filled with explanations of foreclosure procedures geared to the new, small investor and prospective homebuyer. Emphasizes bargains available from lending institutions and government agencies such as HUD, VA, and FNMA.



Order This Book Now How to Buy Foreclosed Real Estate for a Fraction of Its Value
Theodore J. Dallow / Paperback - 152pp / Date Published: November 1991
In recent years, the real estate industry has undergone one of the most significant upheavals in its history. The editor of the popular professional newsletter Foreclosures covers every relevant topic and warns against the most common pitfalls--all in a way that's easy for the layperson to understand.


Keys to Buying a Foreclosed Home
Jack P. Friedman,Jack C. Harris / Paperback - 155pp / Date Published: April 1992

A team of real estate experts give you an informed view of the advantages and potential pitfalls awaiting buyers in foreclosure markets. You'll also find specific information on sources that offer foreclosed homes, plus advice on how to make an offer, how to get the bes price, how to distinguish true bargains from problem properties, how to shop at real estate auctions, and much more.


Order This Book Now

U. S. Government Home Give Away:
How to Save Thousands of Dollars & Hundreds More on Fees

Ted Thomas / Paperback - 222pp / Date Published: January 1993

Please note: This title needs to be ordered directly with the publisher and usually ships within 3-5 weeks. There are occasions where the titles may go out of print or the publishers may no longer carry stock. If we cannot fill your order, we will notify you within 1-2 weeks.

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