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Published weekly by Foreclosure Update, Inc.  Subscriptions are available by Periodical class mail for $279 per year (50 weeks), $169 for six months (25 weeks) or $98 for 12 weeks.  Please send check or money order made payable to Foreclosure Update, Inc., P.O. Box 220032, Great Neck, N.Y.  11022-0032 (516) 487- 6491 or (212) 982-4026 Please send mailing information and your telephone number with your check or money order. Subscription payments are not refundable.

                The information contained herein is derived from public notices published by court direction.  No representation, expressed or implied, is made as to the accuracy of the source material and no liability shall be recognized for any errors or omissions in such material or resulting from its abstraction or transcription herein.
                This publication endeavors to contain all of the auctions of real property conducted pursuant to a judgment of foreclosure granted by a court of competent jurisdiction.  Real property auctions which are not foreclosure sales or foreclosure auctions of personalty are not necessarily included herein.  ALL AUCTION SALES ARE SUBJECT TO POSTPONEMENT OR CANCELLATION.  PLEASE VERIFY SALE DETAILS WITH PLAINTIFF’S ATTORNEY PRIOR TO ATTENDING THE AUCTION.

Foreclosure Update is published weekly (50 issues per year except for the week of Labor Day and the week after President’s Day) by Foreclosure Update, Inc., 4 Norfolk Road, Great Neck, NY 11020 and is accorded expeditious treatment prescribed for newspapers. Periodicals paid at Great Neck, N.Y. and other mailing offices.  Postmaster: Send address changes to Foreclosure Update, P.O. Box 220032, Great Neck, NY 11022-0032.  Copyright 2000 by Foreclosure Update, Inc. This publication is for the confidential use of subscribers only and may not be reprinted or reproduced without written permission from the publisher.  Library of Congress ISSN 1083-7361

Limited space, at attractive rates, in FORECLOSURE UPDATE is available for advertisements directed towards the Real Estate Industry.  Advertisers, please send your inquiries to Foreclosure Update, Inc., P.O. Box 220032, Great Neck, N.Y.11022-0032 or call (516) 487-6491 or (212) 982-4026


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